Since 1989 Pretty Pickins has raised hundreds
of thousands of dollars with fundraising partners in
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, New York, and Delaware.

We've developed three outstanding events to help your
organization reach your fundraising goals...


We squeeze more
merchandise into our 17 cases than you would imagine, yet we still maintain a professional, vibrant display.

And just how much more is more? More than 6,400 items!
There is always something for everyone, at very affordable prices.

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Our Gift Show is the result of a natural evolution toward more unique, and yet price-conscious, gift items that we have carefully hand-selected.

We've integrated these gift items with a selection of our best-selling gold and silver items, creating an event that is perfect for a location that may have space limitations.

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Cash paid for gold and silver!

These events are being received with a lot of employee enthusiasm due to the convenience of bringing their old jewelry to work with them, receiving payment for the old jewelry on the spot, and the comfort level of dealing with the same trusted people who bring them their
Jewelry Sale each year.

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