Gold Items
14K, 10K, and Gold Filled

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 Sterling Silver Items
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 Handcrafted in America
Discover original "wearable artwork"...
 ...produced in the United States

A Pretty Pickins Fundraising Event is unique among vendor
fundraising sales as many pieces on display are exclusively designed
and studio-made by artists in the United States.

More and more, consumers are placing high value on handcrafted, quality items. Demand for "Made In The U.S.A." products is on the rise as consumers realize their positive impact on our national economy.

Customers can find handcrafted items at every price-point,
some for under $50, as well as masterworks at collector prices.

 Dichroic Glass Collection
Dichroic Glass Jewelry


Each piece is handcrafted and unique

Jewelry made from dichroic glass has such vibrant, bright, sparkling colors because
the coating forms a crystal structure comprised of many layers

 Dichroic is the diamond of glass jewelry.

More Examples of One-Of-A-Kind Handcrafted Items 






 Gift Items
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