Pretty Pickin's Main Fundraiser

We have over 6,400 items to choose from...
...more than any other vendor we know!

More than 1,500 items under $50.00

More than 800 items under $30.00

In addition to our 17 cases we have hundreds of items under $30.00 that we place outside our cases that customers can try on or pick up to examine

 Pretty Pickin's Select Fundraiser

Our Select Show is the result of a natural evolution toward
more unique and yet price-conscious "best-of-the-best"
that we have carefully hand selected.

We've integrated these items with a selection of our
best-selling gold and silver items,
creating a special event that is ideal for a location
that may have space limitations

 Buy-Back Fundraiser

As the value of gold, silver, and other precious metals has increased sharply over the past two years, many of our customers have asked if we will buy back their old, broken, or unused jewelry. They expressed concerns about trusting television and on-line advertisers, shipping their jewelry though the mail, or dealing with pawnshops.

This is an Easy Fundraiser
  - Requires only one table
  - No payroll deduction forms
  - We can conduct a Buy-Back event simultaneously with either of our event sales, or we can do the Buy-Back as a stand alone event
  - We have all the licenses and permits required by local statutes to deal in precious metals so you can partner with us in confidence

  - Employees can bring old, broken and unwanted jewelry to work with them and recieve quick cash on the spot!
  - We provide flyers, tent cards and e-mail templates for advertising the event

Everybody Wins
  - Employees get cash... you get a commission!

Complements your other vendor sales
  - We're not selling anything... we're paying money out!
  - No need to worry about whether payroll deduction periods overlap
  - No need to schedule around paydays, any day is fine

Competitive Buy-Back Prices
  - We use state certified scales and professional precious metal testing equipment
  - We display our current price at the event table for anyone to see
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